Plus Size 35-43 Platform Sandals Wedges Shoes for Women Heels


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How to choose correct size?

1.Measure your foot length as thesize chart.
2.Find the ”
EUR/China Size” from the size chart by your foot length!
3.Please do not measure the insole length,it is different from the foot length.

EUR/China Size  35  = Foot length (cm) 22.5
EUR/China Size  36  = Foot length (cm) 23.0
EUR/China Size  37  = Foot length (cm) 23.5
EUR/China Size  38  = Foot length (cm) 24.0
EUR/China Size  39  = Foot length (cm) 24.5
EUR/China Size  40  = Foot length (cm) 25.0
EUR/China Size  41  = Foot length (cm) 25.5
EUR/China Size  42  = Foot length (cm) 26.0
EUR/China Size  43  = Foot length (cm) 26.5

1.Measurements are the maximum size,
please allow error about ± 5MM.Compare the size chart with your feet length carefully before ordering.
2.Please according to our size chart to choose the most appropriate size!This is very important,thank you for your understanding and cooperation!Wish you have a happy shopping!

3.If you do not know how to choose correct size or have any questions about this product,please contact us,we will give you satisfactory answers as fast.


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black, blue, gray, pink, brown

Shoe Size

35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43

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